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Photographic Assignments 
We are available for photographic assignments.
Working to companies specific requirements and supplying a range of images to select from.

We do not have a set fee structure.
Preferring to establish a working relationship with a company and negotiate a fee that both parties are happy with.

'The Devil's Water'

'The Devil's Water' refers to what many consider to be the worst environmental health disaster ever known. Millions of people are at risk of arsenic poisoning from drinking groundwater contaminated with high levels of arsenic. There is also now cause for concern that the threat from arsenic poisoning is not just confined to drinking contaminated groundwater, but also from eating certain food products. Text and Audio are available to accompany these images if required. For further information please go to 'Audio and Text'.

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Mongolia's Future - Its Children

‘Mongolia’s Future – Its Children’ – the images focus on the lifestyle of some of Mongolia’s children especially those living in and around the countries capital Ulaanbaatar in what are known as ‘Ger’ districts. Including infrastructure, housing and education. Text is available to accompany these images if required. For further information please go to 'Audio and Text'. See 'Photography' for more images regarding Mongolia.

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From Vultures to Street Dogs

Images for ‘From Vultures to Street Dogs’ refer to what is considered to be ‘the most unprecedented rapid decline of any species of animal on the planet.' This has led to a dramatic rise in the number of feral dogs and grave concern for human health and wellbeing. This subject is an excellent example of how important conservation is especially in regard to protecting human health and welfare. 'Text' and 'Audio' are available to accompany these images if required. For further information please go to ‘Audio and Text'.

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A Goddess - The Ganga

‘A Goddess – The Ganga’ The Ganga is the world’s most revered river but it is also one of the worlds most polluted. The images and text focus on three main areas; The Ganga - from its sauce at Gaumukh to Sagar Island where it meets the Bay of Bengal, looking at what human impact has been doing to the river system and the measures being taken to try and alleviate the problem. A task made more difficult than other river systems around the world largely due to the religious factor. The People - from the relatively less populated rural villages to the most densely populated locations along the Ganga. Where hundreds of millions of people live and whose livelihoods rely on this most pious river. For many the Ganga is a ‘Goddess’ and will take care of the pollution. The Ganga (Ganges) River Dolphin, also referred to as the Ganges River Dolphin - one of the world’s oldest protected species yet a mammal very few people around the world are aware even exists let alone how important this ‘endangered’ create is to the river system. Text - the images within this category link with text available. Please refer to ‘Audio and Text’ section.

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Fluorosis - an Agonising Death

‘Fluorosis an Agonising Death’ The images within this category relate to Fluorosis a disease that occurs as a result of consuming too much ‘of a good thing’ – fluoride. This is usually the result of drinking groundwater that contains high levels of fluoride, but by no means is it the only way. Fluoride can be ingested from a variety of sources and can affect most parts of the human body including bones as well as the soft tissues. Worldwide millions of people are suffering from fluorosis. This is a crippling, agonising disease that can occur in early childhood and continue into old age. In the developed world in particular fluorosis could be being misdiagnosed for other ailments.

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Children In Need

The images within this category focus on some of India’s underprivileged children It also looks into the lifestyle of New Delhi’s Street Families focusing in particular on the children who find themselves deprived of many of the privileges that children of a more fortunate walk of life take for granted. It also reveals a helping hand in terms of an organisation which has established three separate entities designed to give these underprivileged babies and children in their care the prospects of having a brighter future.

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Kashmiri Pandits

The images within this category refer to the Kashmiri Pandits who still remain living in squalid camps in the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir. The images link with the report ‘Plight of the Kashmiri Pandits – Their Paradise Lost’ . Please refer to ‘Text’.

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New Zealand Earthquake

New Zealand's South Island was struck by a server earthquake on September 4th 2010. Its epicentre was less than 50 kilometres from the city of Christchurch. This was followed by many aftershocks with the most destructive occurring on 22nd February 2011. This cause death and destruction particularly in Christchurch and its eastern suburbs.

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To Catch A Mole

Moles and their hills are very much a part of the countryside. They are to be found in many locations the length and breadth of Britain, but is there more to the mole and its hills than meets the eye. Read more - go to 'Text'

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'India - Death Knell For Snake Charming'

'India - Death Knell For Snake Charming' The death knell has sounded for India’s ancient tradition of Snake Charming. Dating back thousands of years snake charming is now on the verge of extinction with a ban having been imposed. This ban affects millions of people throughout India who are involved with this ancient craft. For conservationists the implementation of the ban could not have come soon enough. The images in this category focus on the lifestyle of India's Snake Charming community. These images link with 'Audio' and 'Text' if required. Please refer to 'Audio' and 'Text'tabs. Further information and or photographs are available on request - All enquiries via 'Contact' tab.

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Creating a Clean Capital - New Delhi

The Solid Waste Management (SWM) procedure of India's capital city New Delhi The following images relate to the daily procedure of removing New Delhi's solid waste from its streets, homes, and commercial premises to landfill sites and Waste to Energy Plant carried out by the Municipal Corporations – Municipal Corporation Delhi (MCD) and New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC). Images also focus on the lifestyle of the Waste Picking community whose invaluable work has been very much part of helping to clean up India's capital city - New Delhi. The images in this reportage category Creating a Clean Capital - New Delhi follow a sequence: - SWM Step 1 -Sweeping Up SWM Step 2 - The ‘Pile’ SWM Step 3 - Pickup Rubbish Cart SWM Step 4 - Collection - Foot - Bicycle – Rickshaw – Segregation at Source SWM Step 5 - Storage and Segregation SWM Step 6 – Landfill SWM Step 7 - Okhla Waste to Energy Plant SWM Step 8 - Waste Pickers Lifestyle SWM Step 9 – Lifestyle - On The Street SWM Step 10 - Miscellaneous – Bins – Signs etc. SWM Step 11 – Recycling SWM Step 12 - Landfill Waste Pickers Lifestyle --- Text - Written feature also available - Refer to 'Text' tab and 'Creating a Clean Capital - New Delhi'. --- All enquiries to apagemedia via 'Contact' tab.

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Graffiti a Work of Art

The following images relate to some of the Graffiti to be found particularly around some of the streets in the City of London, England. Graffiti can be seen to be a growing art form with some specific artists having attained quite a following by a cross section of people of different nationalities. Further information and or photographs are available on request - All enquiries to apagemedia via 'Contact' tab.

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