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Welcome to the Adrian Page Media website

Our Photography, Audio and Text follow two themes:

* Our Lifestyle

This covers subjects relating to the way people of different nationalities and culture conduct their daily lives. It incorporates religion; people's lifestyles in urban, rural and river communities; historic landmark buildings, places and monuments; and sport.

* Our Planet.

This covers how we care for our planet: its geographical features, plus the  flora and fauna.

Assignments are undertaken with reliable in-depth subject research.

Confidentiality and quality is assured.

Photography, Audio and Text are available as a package or individually.

Whilst there are a small selection of images available to view online our photographic library has a large selection available of the subjects covered. Please do not hesitate to enquire if specific images are required.

We have no set price structure as our preference is to establish a working relationship and negotiate a price that both parties are happy with. Please contact us for details.