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Photographic Assignments 
We are available for photographic assignments.
Working to companies specific requirements and supplying a range of images to select from.

We do not have a set fee structure.
Preferring to establish a working relationship with a company and negotiate a fee that both parties are happy with.


Comprising: buildings, shrines, ceremonies, worship.

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Our Lifestyle

Peoples lifestyles in Urban, Rural, River communities - comprising: at work, homes, street scenes, transport.

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Buildings and Monuments

Buildings Category – comprises of some of the worlds historic landmark buildings, places and monuments.

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This includes Geography, Flora, Fauna and Environment - Our Impact

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Sport – comprising : equestrian polo

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Miscellaneous –comprising: shapes, telephone and post boxes.

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'Reportage' images cover a variety of subjects. Please see within. Some subjects link with the 'Audio' and 'Text' categories. Please refer to 'Audio and Text’. Assignments are reliably undertaken. Any enquiries please contact apagemedia.

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Global Portraits

This category focuses on some of the people around the world.

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The images within this category Tourism look at various locations around the world for their potential as suitable destinations to visit - work, rest, or stimulate. If required a feature article could be produced regards each destination combined with images selected. All enquiries to apagemedia via 'Contact' tab

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Traditions and Cultures

The images within Traditions and Cultures focus on some of the tribes, indigenous, and ethnic communities of the Asia Pacific region - their lifestyle, their ancient traditions and cultures, which have withstood the test of time. Over thousands of years traditional knowledge has been passed on by word of mouth from father to son, mother to daughter. They learnt how to live in balance with the environment, respect for their elders, religion - all very much a part of their daily lifestyle. All inquiries to apagemedia via 'Contact' tab

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