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Photographic Assignments 
We are available for photographic assignments.
Working to companies specific requirements and supplying a range of images to select from.

We do not have a set fee structure.
Preferring to establish a working relationship with a company and negotiate a fee that both parties are happy with.

Rural Lifestyle - Homes, Buildings, Infrastructure

Climate and income often dictate as to the type of ‘Home’ we live in. This category reveals some of the styles of ‘Homes’ and infrastructure found in rural locations around the world.

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Rural Lifestyle - Village Scenes and Rural Landscapes

This category includes images which reveal some of the various ‘Scenes’ to be seen in ‘Villages’ and 'Rural Landscapes' around the world.

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Rural Lifestyle - People at Work and Play

The manor in which people ‘Work’ and 'Play' around the world is often surprising and much to be admired especially in rural locations. Images within this category help to confirm this.

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Rural Lifestyle - Education

Rural ‘Education’ around the world is conducted in many different ways. This category looks in particular at the facilities available and the students in different parts of the world who live in rural locations..

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Rural Lifestyle - Transport

From Railway trains to Road trains transporting goods.

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