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Photographic Assignments 
We are available for photographic assignments.
Working to companies specific requirements and supplying a range of images to select from.

We do not have a set fee structure.
Preferring to establish a working relationship with a company and negotiate a fee that both parties are happy with.


Looks at the world of Buddhism. Architecture, the people and the religous artifacts

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The images within this category reveal some of the magnificent architecture associated with this religion. Also some of the ceremonies, places and people associated with Islam.

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The captivating world of the Hindu religion is revealed with images in this category that include; architecture, shrines/icons, ceremonies, holy places and the people.

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The religious world of the Sikh religion is revealed with a variety of images covering; Architecture, holy places, ceremonies, the people.

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The images within this category include; buildings, shines, ceremonies and people associated with Christianity.

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