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Photographic Assignments 
We are available for photographic assignments.
Working to companies specific requirements and supplying a range of images to select from.

We do not have a set fee structure.
Preferring to establish a working relationship with a company and negotiate a fee that both parties are happy with.

Equestrian Polo

Equestrian Polo is considered the oldest sport in the world and one which today is played in a growing number of countries Polo has many facets that make up this game.

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Equestrian Polo - People at Work

There are many facets that make up the sport of Equestrian Polo as can be seen within.

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Water Sport

Images in this category focus on sporting activities that are associated with ‘water’.

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Padel Tennis

Padel Tennis, or just Pádel, is a team sport for players of all ages, both male and female.. It is quick and easy to learn, and is less physically demanding than a sport such as squash. Rules are available – Contact apagemedia

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Rugby Union

Rugby Union is growing in popularity around the world with more and more people, both men and women, boys and girls, now enjoying this physical sport. The professional era is seeing great advances within the 'World of Ruby UInion.'

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Sport - Surfing

Images of people challenging the oceans waves.

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Sport - Golf

Capturing the action and lifestyle of golf.

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