A Goddess - The Ganga

‘A Goddess – The Ganga’ The Ganga is the world’s most revered river but it is also one of the worlds most polluted. The images and text focus on three main areas; The Ganga - from its sauce at Gaumukh to Sagar Island where it meets the Bay of Bengal, looking at what human impact has been doing to the river system and the measures being taken to try and alleviate the problem. A task made more difficult than other river systems around the world largely due to the religious factor. The People - from the relatively less populated rural villages to the most densely populated locations along the Ganga. Where hundreds of millions of people live and whose livelihoods rely on this most pious river. For many the Ganga is a ‘Goddess’ and will take care of the pollution. The Ganga (Ganges) River Dolphin, also referred to as the Ganges River Dolphin - one of the world’s oldest protected species yet a mammal very few people around the world are aware even exists let alone how important this ‘endangered’ create is to the river system. Text - the images within this category link with text available. Please refer to ‘Audio and Text’ section.
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