Creating a Clean Capital - New Delhi

The Solid Waste Management (SWM) procedure of India's capital city New Delhi The following images relate to the daily procedure of removing New Delhi's solid waste from its streets, homes, and commercial premises to landfill sites and Waste to Energy Plant carried out by the Municipal Corporations – Municipal Corporation Delhi (MCD) and New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC). Images also focus on the lifestyle of the Waste Picking community whose invaluable work has been very much part of helping to clean up India's capital city - New Delhi. The images in this reportage category Creating a Clean Capital - New Delhi follow a sequence: - SWM Step 1 -Sweeping Up SWM Step 2 - The ‘Pile’ SWM Step 3 - Pickup Rubbish Cart SWM Step 4 - Collection - Foot - Bicycle – Rickshaw – Segregation at Source SWM Step 5 - Storage and Segregation SWM Step 6 – Landfill SWM Step 7 - Okhla Waste to Energy Plant SWM Step 8 - Waste Pickers Lifestyle SWM Step 9 – Lifestyle - On The Street SWM Step 10 - Miscellaneous – Bins – Signs etc. SWM Step 11 – Recycling SWM Step 12 - Landfill Waste Pickers Lifestyle --- Text - Written feature also available - Refer to 'Text' tab and 'Creating a Clean Capital - New Delhi'. --- All enquiries to apagemedia via 'Contact' tab.
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