Plight Of The Khasi Tribe

'Plight of the Khasi Tribe' Verging on extinction – this is the scenario for many of the world’s ancient tribes along with their traditions and cultures. Yet many of these tribes have much to offer today’s modern mainstream world. The Khasi Tribe of Meghalaya is one such tribe. Many of the worlds Traditional Tribes are verging on extinction yet many have a great deal to offer today’s modern mainstream world especially in terms of the environment. The following images are of one of India's Traditional Tribes, the Khasi. This tribe is located in the North East State of Meghalaya, More images are available on request. These images link with 'Audio' and 'Text' if required. Please refer to 'Audio' and 'Text' tabs. To learn more about the 'Plight of the Khasi Tribe' or any other subject - All enquiries via 'Contact' tab.
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